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Micar21 Ltd has a relatively long history in research cardiomyopathy. In early 2011, we established a project for discovery of a potential cure for an incurable heart disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy of (HCM). In November 2011, signed a contract financed EU (BG161PO003-1.1.06-0031) for discovery and lead optimization HCM heart modulators MYH7 mutated gene (myosin protein) inhibition increased myosin-actin interactions provoked by these mutations . A new class of compounds is selected during this period. However, despite the leading role of Micar21 in the above studies, we participated in this project only as a partner of another company that went bankrupt and the project was closed in it infancy.

Meanwhile, in 2012, a USA-based company MyoKardia Inc. It was founded with the same goal. It grows rapidly, and with partnerships Sanofi Inc ($ 200 million contract), MYH7 inhibitor MYK-461 beginning to be evaluated in phase 1 clinical trials in humans. This potential drug will be tested in patients with a particular mutation in the gene MYH7, but it is not yet known whether and to what extent it would be effective in patients with different mutations. Given that only the aforementioned gene hundreds of mutations have been identified so far, the urgent need to develop some, none, potential drug remains evident. Furthermore, mutations in MYH7 associated with the disease HCM are just some of the many defective genes that have been found to cause HCM, and, in particular, the presence of these mutations varies widely among the population. For example, although MYH7 is the most commonly mutated gene in the US, this does not apply to patients in most EU countries. Thus, it may require specific drug candidates targeting other genes.

Given the facts above, and which have undergone major reorganization of the company, with significant reorganization of the company, MICAR Innovations Ltd., HCM project again in December 2015 We already have preliminary agreement with the reputable Department of Cardiology, and we are looking for partners in the development of this project.

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